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We specialize in Digital Marketing for Developing & Rural Markets, which are mostly beyond reach of Conventional Media.
Trade for Development
As a consumer, each one of us got tremendous influencing power over the local as well as global economy and ecology.
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We capture and analyze data to generate valuable Business Insights about Developing and Rural Markets for use by businesses and policy makers.

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Our product team visits villages and interacts with communities to document and understand their lifestyle and daily routine, which helps us to design technology solutions that fit best in the context of them. After a prototype is made, it is extensively tested with the target users and many re-iterations are made before we finalize the design. All these efforts of us pay off, when farmers call us back and tell us how they are benefiting from our solutions. Ginne Vox Gender Equality is a critical prerequisite for social and economic development. In spite of having made significant progress in digital inclusion, in rural India, mobile ownership is still very low among women. We did an experiment in with a rural community in Haryana in India, where rural women were asked to tell stories about how mobile phones have changed their life. Ginne Vox Ginne Vox In our endeavour to up-skill the rural youths, MGINNE team recently organised a One Day Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop at Varanasi, with the artisans of GI Registered Indian Handicrafts. The workshop was attended by 50 participants; comprising 26 Master Craftsmen, representing 11 GI Registered Handicrafts. At MGINNE we use Human Centered Design principles to develop solutions that not only solve peoples’ problems but also easy to adopt by communities and are scalable.In order to achieve this, we emphasize on having Immersive Experience of our target user segments. Ginne Vox In August 2016, MGINNE Team visited Bihar and organised Krishi Vichar Gosthi-s. Farmer discussed about various pest problems in their paddy crop and was trained by the agriculture experts from universities about pest identification and management methods, using Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) method. Ginne Vox MGINNE Supports farmers with various on-ground activities. One such popular program is called Krishi Vichar Gosthi (Farmers Discussion Group). Ginne Vox At MGINNE, our aim is to bridge the Rural Digital Divide by innovative use of Information & Communication Technology. One of the ways to achieve this is by providing useful and actionable information to rural people that help them to gather knowledge and information from the convenience of their home. Ginne Vox

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We reach every corner of India

India is a vast country, having 60% of its population living in villages. Many of these villages are far away from metro cities or major towns.

Although urban India has progressed much in terms of digital connectivity and access; the condition in villages is strikingly different. Accordingly to estimates, roughly 60% of the rural population is still living "Media Dark"; means they don't have access to any conventional mass media.

However, the fast proliferation of mobile telephony is changing this situation. Almost 70% rural households now own cell phones, which is their "All-in-one" digital medium for Information, Communication & Entertainment.

Our GINNEVoxTM platform takes leverage of this ubiquity of mobile phones in rural markets. Our Mobile Communication Solutions can reach over 17 million rural people in 20 states of India.

We not only have the large reach, but we also have expertise in developing tailor made content for rural communication. Our development communication experts can stylize marketing communication into Rural-friendly content for better acceptance, engagement and brand recall.

Click here to listen to some of our stylised content in form of mobile "voice messages".

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We help Grassroots & Micro Entrepreneurs in Digital Entrepreneurship

India's rural market is spread along 600,000 villages, covering 110 million rural households and over 700 million people.

India is home to over 30 million micro and grassroots enterprises, which provide employment to 50 million people and produces about USD 50 billion worth of annual gross value addition (There are about 100 countries in the world, whose GDP is less than India’s rural markets!).

MGINNE’s mission is to help these grassroots entrepreneurs and innovators. We believe, by the right mix of information technology and human centered design, we can find solution for the grassroots entrepreneurs to leapfrog into the digital age, where, coming out of anonymity, they can showcase their products and skills to the world outside their villages and compete for their rightful share in the global markets.

In 2016, we developed a unique Rural Marketplace, where both buyers and sellers can discover each other, analyse price points and transact from the convenience of making a phone call. It was test launched in Uttar Pradesh and in a year’s time, it was able to garner significant popularity among rural people.

Having this learning with us, we have developed Made In Bharat; a mobile first Rural E-commerce platform for the small and micro entrepreneurs, especially the weavers, artisans, and crafts workers, many of whom are marginalised women. Made in Bharat provides an opportunity to both the producers in villages and buyers in cities to discover each other, verify authenticity and do business, bringing in prosperity to the producers and unique purchase experience to the buyers.

Mita Chatterjee Maitra Photo credit: Mita Chatterjee Maitra

MGINNE’s Rural Marketplace: Traction 2016-17
Buy Offers
Sale Offers
Buyer-Seller Matched
Rs. 68 Million
Buy Offer Value
Rs. 373 Million
Sale Offer Value
Rs. 30 Million
Matched Offer Value
Pilot Since 2016 | 9600 Subscribers | 4000 Offers

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